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Project Mjolnir


'With Great Power, Comes Great Responsiblity'

Project Mjolnir is the perfect addition to your keychain! If you have small hands, use the small side to mount your keys, if you have large hands use the large side to mount your Mjolnir. The perfect Good luck symbol will sit quietly with you as you go about your travels, anywhere in the world.

When you need it, you can wrap your hands around the end of the Mjolnir, holding your keys to assist you and have the full force multiplier of Thors hammer in your hand! Use it to hit an attacker, aid in compliance methods and hit the face or large muscles groups. This REALLY hurts! In our testing we have sustained deep muscle bruising and pain from direct strikes. (Do Not Hit The Throat!)

Ladies! You don’t have to be afraid, the Mjolnir is designed to fit ladies hands on the smaller side and adds strength to each strike you make. Use your keys to grip while the middle and forefinger grip the Mjolnir giving you a hard striking surface to deter an attack. Feel safer and more confident where ever you go!

Bulk Purchase Options Available, Please Email For Details

The Rules Of The Patch:
Anyone Who Asks For Help Of Someone With The Mjolnir Patch, Shall Receive Assistance.

  • Single Mjolnir Limited Edition White 80%
  • Sharing Twin Pack Mjolnir Limited Edition White 20%
  • Project Mjolnir Patch (Gray) 75%
  • Project Mjolnir (Aluminum) Sold Out
  • Project Mjolnir 5 Multipack (Aluminum) 50%