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Firefly Markers MK 2.2

£6.99 / Sold Out

The first generation of Firefly markers used simple tubes to create a versatile light that worked with any molle to quickly and easily give a marker or light to read by.

As they have become popular we wanted to develop the lights further. Simple, tough, easily adaptable lights that continue with you where ever you go. Charging in any light source and giving back as soon as you hit darkness.

The newest generation of Firefly lights is highly adaptable. No matter if you need a replacment for the standard chemical light, a simple marker to read and navigate by or a stubbly light for a distance marker or to mark kit. The newest generation of Firefly lights will go with you no matter what you are faced with.

Any light source can charge these lights, saving batteries on your flashlight, rugged, reliable, reusable and bright. Water and chemical resistant.

Jumbo lights are a limited edition special light measuring approx 20mm wide by 60mm

Oddities are Firefly lights from the first production run. They are unpolished on the ends and have a hanging loop. Most are full chemlight size.